Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Great Mashup

From my very first super 8 clip at ten years old of my family and perhaps my first love (the little girl from next door that lingers with her eyes to the camera walking backwards downhill), through all the ups and downs of my life with images, film and video, to an isight shot of my hand while i sat on the floor among the cables putting this video together - completed published productions or projects randomly started and abandoned, with fragments of all of it -this is: The Great Mashup.

If you want a closer look at just the photography you can check out my photography website here, also a study in randomness as the "screensaver" function is a thousand picture slideshow appearing randomly over a grid of 45 samples of assignment work.

The music is also a mashup of various things playing in the background on all these films and videos made, but one piece of music stood out and was featured in a music video from a couple of years back, so here goes a shout-out to my old buddy and great performer Jeremy Parise.

The guy with the polaroid at the end is the same Jeremy who produced The Funeral.

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