Monday, March 24, 2008

The Funeral

This short was made a few years ago and has been a weird thing on my mind, as it was never really finished and didn't come out perfect. Every now and then I try to open it up and make it better, but truth is, it was a learning process to make it and it did come out OK. 

It was done in honor of Arne Stenborg a friend of my dad. He would come and visit for coffee and stay for dinner, a few days later he would go home to his place and get new clothes. Then a couple of months later, he would stop hanging out at our place, and we wouldn't see him for maybe a year or two. I think he used us as a surrogate family as he was an eternal bachelor. 

He was a photographer by trade and an amateur film maker at home, he used to film us with a Bolex 16mm camera and take pictures of us all the time. Half the pictures in our family album are black and white glossy old prints made by Arne.

When I got the call that he had passed away, I suddenly got a flood of memories of him, and I realized that he had been one of the earliest influences to my getting into film and photography. A guy I bumped into at a party had kind of dared me to make a movie finally, so when I got the news of Arne's death, it was natural that my memories and gratitude somehow got to be the subject of this short.

Another thing of his was that he wanted badly to make a movie. He had once done a feature he told me that never got completed. They ran out of money as the lab bills got to be too much. After he died I went to a lady that had all the old footage, still on some rolls, I don't know if it really would be enough for a movie, but there was some magical dreamlike sequences in there.

So not really complete either and in honor of early sixties black and white home made cinema we give you The Funeral.

The movie was produced by my long time friend Jeremy Doner, here is the rest of the credits.

Tristan Hutson
John Trotter
Anadel Baughn
Julie Skinner
Eamon Behrens
Tom Benton

Line Producer: Steve Kleiman
Additional Cinematography: Hisham Abahusayn
Gaffer: Declan Thomas
Costume: Sarah O'Donnell
Art Direction: Maya O'Donnell and Sara James
Make Up: Bridget O'Neill

Special Thanks:

Marni Zimmerman Panavision

Joey Fotokem
Ryan Lee and Coffin Eddie

Sequoia National Park
First Baptist Church of Three Rivers, CA
Billy Hancock and Julie Doctor
Sergei Franklin Earth Video
Sketch and Dani
Todd Kessler

and thanks for helping with distribution

Anders Bramsen

Scandinavia House

and Fly 

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