Monday, March 17, 2008

Opening Wide

Opening Wide  is really not important when you have just started a little blog on the web. But for my purposes I wanted to see how the different video upload services functioned and get familiar with having a presence on the web. I got inspired to do so when my friend Jeffrey sent a link to these wonderful cellphone videos by Dan Butler.

[geek warning]

Here are links to see the results of differences in the viewing experience: I started with grabbing as well as opening up this blog.  The blogger video upload speed is super slow, and after the first try I saw the size was too small anyway. However it seems possible to embed video right in the blog, I have to try later and see what size it is possible to get, perhaps uploading the videos to one of the below sites and still view them here is the answer.

[EDIT: it is now happening at the main website here.]

First dedicated video site tried was it still is my favorite as they let you control the look of interface colors. It is wonderful how one video plays right after the other without you having to click on the next one. All the clips becomes an uninterrupted flow. You can format your own .flv files or they preserve the original file upload on another link

Vimeo seems cool, haven't gone deep enough there yet, might be better for larger videos.

Dailymotion was just too small of a video frame for my taste. 

Although I knew that YouTube and MySpace would have too small videos as well I wanted to cover it all and discovered a nice surprise in the clever Facebook, it has a clean interface and a nice large video feature (although you must be logged in to view). These sites might become interesting for the strength of their networks, so if you have your own presence and think that an "add" is useful, by all means.

To complete this process and open up to include forum members feedback these two threads were started at DVXUSER  and REDUSER. As a result of posting there I remembered Vimeo and learned about Dailymotion after only two days, thanks "NoFatClips". If anybody has any trouble viewing any of these sites or has a preference, please place a comment here or post in one of the above threads.

Original 720x300 H.264 37MB video here. (right click and save)

If you are going to upload a lot, my buddy Steve taught me that if you are on a Mac and want to know how fast your files are uploading you can install menumeters handy for other stuff as well.

[end geek warning]

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